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In 2010, how will project spending at your organization compare to last year:
Which country do you believe will be the slowest to recover from the global recession:
Which of the following will be most important to your organization in 2010:
For the projects you have worked on, has your organization held meetings to discuss lessons learned?
What is the best way to look for jobs these days?
In the upcoming year, does your organization plan to incorporate social networking or online sharing technology as a way to manage projects?
Which of these project management buzzwords and clichés is the most overused?
Do you think Google Wave will be an effective tool for project teams?
Since the economic downturn, how rigorously does your organization conduct governance?
What will be the biggest factor affecting the future of project management?
Does your organization communicate its strategic vision to project leaders?
In the past year, has the size of the project teams your work on:
What is the biggest challenge with infrastructure projects?
Does project team morale continue to suffer as a result of the economy?
Do senior executives champion the role project management plays in your organization?
Does your organization offer new project managers the chance to work with a mentor?
Is your organization hiring project managers?
Has your organization invested in cloud computing?
Have you achieved a good balance between your work and personal life?
When planning a project, does your organization consider its carbon footprint?
Have you ever obtained a position as the direct result of a online networking?
Have you ever obtained a position as the direct result of a networking event?
Do you establish a vision statement at the beginning of each project?
Do you think female and male project managers are paid equally?
What is the biggest challenge when working with globally dispersed teams?
In general, what is currently the biggest risk to projects?
Do you see any signs that the economy is improving?
Is your organization taking steps to strengthen project governance as a result of the difficult global economy?
Has your organization increased or decreased it's IT security budget this year?
Does your organization use earned value management when assessing project progress?
Do you think the economic downturn is affecting the demand for project managers?
Has the economic downturn affected you or your organization's training plans for the year?
Have you ever relocated to another country to work on a project?
What is your organization's approach to project management given the current economic crisis?
Do people skills become more important due to the economic crisis?
In your career as a project manager, how many times have you switched industries?
Is your company investing more in green IT initiatives in an effort to reduce expenses?
Is your organization outsourcing more or less this year?
Has your company cut project because of the economic downturn?
Do PMOs help organizations through tough economic times?
Does your organization have a mentoring program?
Do you think the push to infrastructure projects around the world will help the economy?
Has your organization experienced any layoffs as a result of the global economic crisis?
Have you noticed increased schedule compression in your organization?

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