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Cloud Computing Helps Project Management

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Projects act as catalysts that play a vital role in building "a better tomorrow." But without a sophisticated project management platform, it's difficult to be successful.

A project management platform includes policies, procedures, standards, guidelines, integrated project management processes, tools, techniques, templates, project assets library, best practices, learning assets, lessons learned or next practices.

Many micro and small organizations, governments or those in emerging economies frequently don't have the enough money to invest on sophisticated information technology in building and maintaining a project management platform of their own.

This major divide in the profession could be reduced through cloud computing -- providing businesses, governments and individuals with access to a reliable project management platform over internet at an affordable price as per usage (on rental basis). This is called Project Management Cloud (PM Cloud).

Following are a few indicative PM clouds:

• Engineering & Construction PM Cloud
• Information Technology PM Cloud
• Research & Development PM Cloud
• Government PM Cloud
• Education PM Cloud

Those using cloud computing can avoid not only major capital investments, but also the ongoing complexity of managing the technology challenges.

When project management clouds (PM Clouds) are available at an affordable price, as and when needed, they can impact project management in the following ways:

• Provides leapfrog opportunities to emerging economies and small enterprises able to compete globally by leveraging "best-in-class" PM clouds

• Fosters innovation as companies leverage more affordable PM cloud options to experiment

• Minimizes the divide between small and large enterprises. Provides equal opportunities as project management clouds become available at an affordable price

• Allows for global collaboration with project talent around the world

• Facilitates global and interactive learning at an affordable price

We're still in the nascent stage of providing sophisticated integrated project management platforms in the cloud, but eventually, cloud computing will impact the way the project management is done in the future.

How do you think cloud computing is impacting project management?


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Thanks for good post VSR.

Can you give some use case example of PM clouds like in what kind of projects [industries] will leverage more with PM Cloud deployments?.

Thanks in advance

Hi Srinivasa,

Thanks for providing such an useful information on cloud computing. I am always searching for news related to cloud and it is good for me if we interact in future like this. A very happy new year to you also and thanks again.

There is no doubt that cloud computing is what most businessmen and people in the IT industry are talking about. It is the new wave in the IT, as what some say.

I would recommend checking out http://agilescout.com for several good comprehensive lists of (almost exclusively cloud-based or at least cloud-optional) project management tools.

It is interesting how ideas of cloud computing will have major impact on project management, especially in the areas of project integration and techniques.

PM clouds, which otherwise can be called e-PM, when applied to real time PM situations will be a valuable tool to help Project managers achieve tight goals and challenging targets. Because PM cloud is internet based, it is fast, reliable and easily accessible and manager will find it not only valuable but also irresistible. It is sure return on capital investment!

As a provider of cloud based online project management and collaboration software, I agree 100 percent with the fact that cloud reduces the cost of software for its users. Without cloud, we could not have offered our service at prices we charge now.

David Robins

The 'Cloud' concept is about much more than just hosting IT software though. Cloud MS has a network of Associates which make themselves available for consultancy too.

The greatest benefit of technology is creating the ability to share tacit knowledge; experience and coaching and the addition of this to static frameworks.

This means we can put customers in touch with people from the other side of the world who have the knowledge and expertise you need rather than giving you a framework and asking you to use it as it was intended (or both!)

Cloud computing certainly helps in project management. We've been using Microsoft's project management software (http://www.microsoft.com/project/en-us/project-management.aspx) over a connected network. It acts more like a collaboration software wherein individuals projects are managed and tracked over a web-based platform.

See the problem is that the term "Cloud Computing" does not really exist in project management...

What is it? Can someone give us here a "standard" definition of what cloud computing in project management is? I don't think anyone can, because each and every project manager tends to define cloud computing in PM the way he thinks it means.

Cloud computing will play a vital role in project management. It helps us to communicate our data with other apps.

I would like to suggest a cloud based platform, Apptivo's Project Management, it will communicate with other apps instantly.

Having a project management platform on cloud is an innovative idea. However, on cloud one can host the tools and bundles of policies, procedures, standards, guidelines, etc and the actual management should be done by individual project managers who should execute from the location/remotely. This is finally, managing teams / resources which are distributed globally.

Outsourcing the IT needs (the backbone of cloud computing) is not new to the industry. As said, it will be good to explore more of project management in cloud services.

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