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Contribute to the Project Management Profession

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This weekend at PMI® Global Congress 2011--North America, I accepted the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award.
As the first Mexican national recipient of the award, it's an honor and a responsibility. This award represents the global recognition PMI bestows upon individuals who contribute to the growth of the project management profession.

In 2008, I joined a group of volunteers that acts globally and domestically. I learned about the extent to which PMI volunteers offer their services, including writing PMI standards, preparing questions for certification exams, organizing global congresses, and presenting at PMI events.

My first official volunteer activity was as a presenter at PMI® Global Congress 2008--Latin America in São Paulo, Brazil. There, I had the opportunity to meet practitioners from different latitudes and to share my experience working on multigenerational and multicultural project teams.

After the global congress, I had many more opportunities pop up to continue supporting PMI's culture of volunteerism and promoting the value of multicultural project teams.
I seized the opportunity to mentor young project managers and create project management knowledge. I was able to impact society after I helped the PMI Madrid, Spain Chapter translate into Spanish the Project Management Methodology for Post Disaster Reconstruction. The final product was ready at the time an earthquake hit Chile. The local chapter and Chilean authorities used this document to help manage post-disaster projects.

These opportunities have been excellent learning experiences that have enriched me personally and professionally. They've given me the opportunity to touch lives and persuade other colleagues to volunteer.

I've been lucky that the team members noticed my volunteer efforts and endorsed my nomination for the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award.
If you are an experienced project practitioner and would be interested to contribute to the profession you can:

  • Create project management knowledge. Write articles for project management magazines or chapter newsletters. Become active in a community of practice. Or, conduct presentations at PMI congress events or monthly chapter meetings.
  • Share your experience updating PMI standards. PMI standards are updated frequently and subject matter experts are required to create and manage the context of the new versions.
  • Bring fresh blood to your local chapter. PMI chapters always look for volunteers that can be part of the chapter board or who are willing to support the chapter functions.
How have your contributions to the project management profession enhanced your career?

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Thank you for your kind words.
I hope that sharing my experience as volunteer will entice others to join me and support the advancement of the project management profession.
Best of luck in the launch of your new product.
All the best,

Hi Conrado - I work for Barbecana, a risk software company here in Houston, Texas. We were also in attendance at the PMI Congress in Dallas - getting ready to launch our new Microsoft Project Add-In for schedule risk analysis, Full Monte.

Anyhow, it is great to see people getting the recognition they deserve - Congratulations on your great honor!

Thanks for sharing - Aly

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