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Projects and (Organizational) Culture

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There's limited time today to implement projects. And even when we set a target timeline, we are challenged to deliver results faster and at a lower cost, while still meeting--or exceeding--the same quality standards.
    It's been my observation that the success of organizations with this depends on how well they connect their project management processes with their business delivery teams. I also think, however, organizations need to pay more attention to how they connect their project management processes with their organizational culture.
    Here are some key principles to keep in mind:
1.    Define and sign off on project parameters. This must be done by the organization's key decision-makers on the financial and operational sides.

2.    Define project teams and stakeholders early on. Without this step you will end up going in circles to figure out who has what authority and influence.

3.    Identify the structure of the organization and where project team members fit in. This is critical to understanding the influencing factors behind the decision-making affecting your project.

4.    Understand that a project team is a microorganism of an organization. It feeds the organization with the required inputs that make it viable for the project team to deliver requested solutions.

5.    Establish strong leadership and a clear, single path direction from the project manager, with adequate support and authority levels to perform tasks.

6.    Personality, management style and values have to be similar or complementary among all project participants. In other words, the core project team interacts not only with itself, but project participants from other functional areas. The choice of individuals to connect to the project will either make or break the total project team.

7.    The project team has to be in sync with other team members provided by the functional teams, in a way that project resources can utilize existing organizational processes, systems and information to deliver project results without having to reinvent these same processes within the context of the project.


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Good talking points for an initial meeting with the executive sponsor.

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