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Why People Don't Delegate

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Why is delegation so hard for some people? Continuing from my earlier post, I want to expand on some of the excuses I've heard over the years:
    -"My team members lack the experience."
    -"It takes more time to explain than to do the job myself."
    -"A mistake by a team member could be costly for my project."
    -"My position enables me to get quicker action."
    -"There are some things that I shouldn't delegate to anyone."
    -"My team members are specialists and they lack the overall knowledge that many of my decisions require."
    But I think another big reason comes down to a deep insecurity that can influence how you deal with those who work under you. Do you think a team member is after your job? Or maybe you're afraid someone else will do the work better than you?
    Sound like you? Well, you may be protecting your immediate status, but you're hurting your opportunity to move up.
    I don't think of delegation as if I am doing the other person a favor. Instead, I think that I'm doing myself a favor.
    Delegation means I get added resources, leaving more time to manage my project. I focus on doing a few tasks very well, rather than doing a lot rather poorly. I increase my management potential. And, I'm training people to succeed me, so I won't end up shackled to one particular area.
    That does the organization a favor as well. As I delegate, output goes up, project work may be completed more efficiently, and team members feel free to offer new ideas. And to top it off, decision-making is improved, so the organization becomes more responsive--and more competitive.


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Sounds like your insight is indeed true. We need to overcome to be reluctant to delegate.

Keep a balance between delegation & getting away from your own responsibilities. Over delegation should be avoided.

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